[ RadSafe ] Fallout exposure to the <5 mSv "control group" 2.7 to 10 km from epicenter

Jim Muckerheide rad_sci_health at comcast.net
Mon Aug 4 21:09:17 CDT 2008


There is a report of a study (not from RERF) that considers the people
remote from Hiroshima, 2.7 to 10 km from the epicenter with doses <5 mSv,
(questionably) used as the ³control² group (for the direct-exposure gamma
and neutron dose studies), are here being considered as exposed to the bomb
fallout, with adverse effects.  (This study is still using the DS86 doses
for the direct exposure.)

Here is the story in the Daily Yomiuri:


Here is the journal abstract (online ahead of print):


Or use:


I would appreciate the full paper and any comments on this study, and
whether we should question the use of the RERF studies as this matter gets

Regards, Jim

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