[ RadSafe ] Re: uranium solubility and acute and chronic exposures on the Russia-Georgia border

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Thu Aug 14 18:57:27 CDT 2008

         Pathetic, yes, and utterly so.  Also one more reason among many 
why James Salsman should be banned from RADSAFE.

Steven Dapra

At 10:39 AM 8/14/08 -0700, Perle, Sandy wrote:
>Give me a break! In one swift stroke of the pen (figuratively) you
>condemn an entire industry made up of dedicated individuals who actually
>DO pursue protecting the public and environment. Guess what, these CHPs,
>RSOs and PH.Ds are part of the public and who would be affected (as you
>state). I think that their families are just as important and also part
>of the public, and, no entity is going to make them compromise basic
>safety tenants.
>James. Absolutely pathetic!
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>Then you have a bright future working for the United States Nuclear
>Regulatory Commission.  Apply today!  They are in desperate need of
>CHPs, RSOs, and especially Ph.D.s willing to compromise their personal
>and professional integrity to help stall on the old lies.

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