[ RadSafe ] appropriate care for soluble uranium exposure

James Salsman BenjB4 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 10:43:22 CDT 2008

Dr. Cherry,

Thank you for your questions:

> Treatments [for] chromosomes ... are available?

Yes, such as the several treatments for hydroxyl catalysis damage
which have been discussed on this list.  We are fortunate that many
forms of ionizing radiation also produce hydroxyl radicals.

> Treatments [for] germ cells are available?

Yes, the differences between ordinary somatic cells and meiotic germ
cells do not affect most mechanisms of hydroxyl catalysis damage to
DNA, although some antioxidants may interfere with the meiotic

Please place the following tissue types in the order you believe it is
best to consider for treatment of a 100 mg uranyl exposure:

1. Chromosomes
2. Germ cells
3. Gut flora
4. Neurons
5. Renal cells
6. White blood cells

Thank you for considering this question.

James Salsman

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