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HOWARD.LONG at comcast.net HOWARD.LONG at comcast.net
Mon Aug 18 18:59:13 CDT 2008

"Underexposed - What if Radiation Were Actually GOOD for You?" by Hiserodt
(book on my waiting room table, given to a dozen persons including Harvard anti-nuc speaker)
neutralizes poison - even better than the dilution by Chance and Levels instead of Risk and Dose. 

Positive assertion that hormesis has benefit necessary for health (like sunshine UV makes vitamin D)
 is more effective persuasion than absence of harm, for a nuclear plant in your neighborhood (even though my measurements showed Palo Verde grounds had less radiation than my Phoenix hotel).

We should paint the antinucs as flat-earth obstructionists who would deprive others of health, 
cancer prevention, ( in addition to depriving the public of energy and funding terrorist oil producers). 

Howard Long 

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From: "Otto G. Raabe" <ograabe at ucdavis.edu> 

> August 18, 2008 
> When speaking with the public, Congress, or the press, there are two 
> four-letter words that we should carefully avoid: "RISK" and "DOSE". 
> To the public these words mean and imply very different negative 
> ideas than what we intend. We can substitute "CHANCE" and "LEVELS" to 
> replace them. 
> This is the "risk communication" message we need to deliver: 
> "Low levels of ionizing radiation are not hazardous, not dangerous, 
> and not a threat! " 
> Otto 
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