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In the State of California, the applicable rule is the one cited below -  
i.e., if it is unlikely that an operator will exceed 500 millirem in one year  
(10% of the occupational limit of 5 rem), then monitoring is not required;  
however, one should be prepared to demonstrate the basis upon which one  
determined that it is unlikely that the person will not be exposed to greater  than 500 
millirem in one year (excluding background and medical  exposures).
Barbara L. Hamrick
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I am  curious if anyone here knows the rules for the State of  California
regarding minimal threat X-ray machines.  I know here in  Texas that
operators of these devices are exempt from the personnel  monitoring
requirements.  Does the CA regulations state this or do you  have to use
the exemption of 10% of 5,000 mR/yr. to satisfy this  requirement?  If
anyone knows, could you steer me in the right  direction as far as a
reference.  Thanks in  advance.

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