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Hi, Howard.

I am glad your grandson is doing better.  I hope he makes a full
recovery.  I completely agree that the benefits (life in the short term)
so completely outweigh the risks of cancer in the long term that those
risks can and should be dismissed out of hand.  I argued (late and
ineffectively) that medical exposure should not be included in the EPA's
new "pie chart", as it will focus the public's concern about radiation
on medical doses most people never get, and distract them from the
biggest avoidable dose, which is from radon (even if you believe the EPA
has set their Action Level too low.)

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Will points out (from the risk assessment community) the individual
variation in probability of harm (cancer, infection, organ damage, etc),
i.e. range of risk. That is important.

 My seemingly healthy 19 year old grandson just had several brain CTs
and angiograms while having 3 brain operations to remove AVmalformation
that caused decerebrate rigidity (near death) as he was wheeled into the
first surgery an hour after collapse. He is now almost well, 3 weeks
later! Obviously the benefit was lifesaving, so possible cancer from x
ray was not considered. However, it is comforting to believe, as I do,
that the 10rem or so would likely benefit - actually reduce cancer risk.

It is also comforting to have the best health care that ever existed
being available to everybody, everywhere in the USA, unlike where
governments run health care. You who are part of it should occasionally
celebrate your accomplishments. I do.

Howard Long 

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