[ RadSafe ] GR-130 defective - Help ?

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Thu Aug 28 10:11:41 CDT 2008

Have you tested you calibration source for activity? It may have decayed and 
need replacing.

Does the stabilization routine go all the way through?

George Dowell

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Dear radsafers,

we have two GR-130 in use for about than 10 years, excellent devices.
But now within only few months they both became defective and show the same 
type of defect.
Energy calibration is no longer possible (Error message after some seconds) 
and when going to the spectrum mode anyhow the shown energy -as position of 
the cursor- has only about 1/3 of the correct value. The same applies 
analogous to the dose rate mode.
Looks if HT-supply or amplifier is out of range.
Repair including shipping costs would be sureley noneconomical.
But: This is conventional soldered and wired PCB technolgy. Maybe....anybody 
who knows this type of defect, AND knows how to fix it?
Manufacturer´s advice to put out and in all the PCBs to fix bad contacts did 
not help.

Michael Hahn

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