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Dear (%Robin%),
Technical Management Services will be offering a new course next month
"Depleted Uranium Workshop"
January 12-14, 2009
Orlando, FL
Strengthen your understanding of relevant health physics fundamentals in
order to achieve a proper perspective on radiological risks from uranium
and depleted uranium (DU). 
Gain a thorough understanding of radiological and chemical properties of
uranium and DU, including radiological and chemical limits and
guidelines for DU intake. 
Learn to perform DU specific activity calculations and calculations of
DU uptake in the kidneys, given an estimated DU intake into the body. 
Improve your knowledge of the U fuel cycle from mining to disposal,
including the origin of DU and how it is produced for industry and the
Discuss uses of DU in industry and the military, with particular
emphasis on use of DU munitions in the Gulf Wars and in the Balkans. 
Understand exposure pathways for DU for US veterans and civilian
populations in the vicinity of conflicts and briefly discuss biokinetic
models for DU. 
Discuss important studies on potential health effects of DU, such as
those published by the Department of Defense (including the Capstone DU
Aerosol Study), World Health Organization, Sandia National Laboratory,
NATO, and the Baltimore VA Hospital. 
Perform dose calculations for soldiers exposed to DU aerosols in Abrams
tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles struck by DU armor-piercing rounds. 
Discuss guidance on exposure to DU, monitoring and treatment of
DU-exposed persons, and cleanup of DU-contaminated sites. 
Course Fee: $1295 
Location: Radisson WorldGate, Orlando FL
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