[ RadSafe ] Isotopic Concentrations of Uranium Versus U-235 Enrichment

Leo M. Lowe - SENES Consultants Limited llowe at senes.ca
Fri Dec 5 14:28:40 CST 2008


DOE-STD-1136-2004 (Guide of Good Practices for Occupational 
Radiological Protection in Uranium Facilities) gives an equation for 
the specific activity of uranium (Ci/g) as a function of U-235 
percent enrichment.   However, it does not provide a parameterization 
of the isotopic abundances. A graph (Figure 2-2) does show the 
percent of the total activity for individual isotopes but I am 
interested in equations for the abundances, rather than having to 
read values off the graph.

Does anyone has a cite for this information  i.e. Bq/g or Ci/g for 
each uranium isotope versus % U-235 mass enrichment (by the gaseous 
diffusion method).

Feel free to respond directly to me.


Leo M. Lowe, Ph.D., P.Phys.

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