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Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
Sun Dec 7 17:35:51 CST 2008

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Subject: 	Re: [ RadSafe ] 7 Dec 41
Date: 	Sun, 07 Dec 2008 17:04:43 -0600
From: 	Maury Siskel <maurysis at peoplepc.com>
To: 	Franz Schönhofer <franz.schoenhofer at gmail.com>


Dear Franz,

Hope this finds you well and about to enjoy a beautiful Christmas 
holiday season with your family and friends.

I wanted to note the anniversary of the US entry into WW2 and how much 
our respective worlds have improved since those years. It remains a 
vivid memory to me (I was only 13 then), The world has changed in many 
ways, but my impression is that the occupants really change very little 
with the passage of time.
Best regards,

Franz Schönhofer wrote:

> ??????????????????
> 2008/12/7 Maury Siskel <maurysis at peoplepc.com 
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>     The day that will live .... They're OK now and so are we.
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