[ RadSafe ] Re: Gamma Scout

Valery Borisov vpborisov at mail.ru
Mon Dec 15 10:58:59 CST 2008

Jesus, Radsafers,
I have found this: http://www.gammascout.com/geiger-counter.html
(scroll down for technical data). For gamma energy response no
details are given, only "from 0.02 MeV". I think you can ask them..

Some applications (measurement results) of GammaScout:
("Trip from Nuremberg to the highest summit of the Mount Kilimanjaro
and back").

As for Kilimanjaro:-), I have found a "twin" photo where measurements
were made with another type of dose-rate meter (November, 2007). The
result on the top was 550 nSv/h:
http://www.doza.ru/news/20071106_152742.shtml. Sorry, this particular
page was not translated (it is in Russian).

Valery Borisov
Barnaul, Altai Region, Russia
vpborisov at mail.ru

> Jesus Fernandez Tallon wrote:
> Hello,
> I'll be very grateful if someone could give me a reference about a simple
> radiation monitor Gamma-Scout. I'm specially interested in the gamma energy 
> response.
> Thank you for your help

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