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Zaid Farukhi zfrexon at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 1 18:28:33 CST 2008

   Dear Salmen Loksen,
             Rexon Components, Inc. supports 3rd party systems and manufactures scintillation detectors; Rexon is located close to the former "Bicron" facilities. Please consult www.rexon.com  or email for the level of expertise and further information.
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Subject: [ RadSafe ] Bicron Stack Monitoring Systems Support
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Re: Bicron Stack Monitoring Systems Support

Our facility currently operates a number of Bicron NaI effluent monitoring
and data logging systems to track atmospheric discharges from a cyclotron
radipharmacy, a radiochemistry laboratory and PET imaging suite. We also
operate an additional three networked Bicron NaI waste monitoring and data
logging systems for tracking the movement of radioactive solid wastes. We
are generally very satisfied with these Bicron systems, and we have invested
time and energy into working with them, but we need to have continuing
detailed support. Without a commitment for support, we will be forced to
undertake the replacement of these systems. We are disappointed to have
received the news that our systems will no longer be supported by their
current vendor, Thermo Fisher Scientific. 

We are interested to receive information regarding what other Bicron users
are planning to do about this situation. In particular, if anyone knows of a
third party company that is able to assume responsibility for supporting
these Bicron systems, we would very much appreciate that information as
quickly as possible. 

Salmen Loksen, CHP, DABR
Director, Radiation Safety Office
Columbia University Medical Center

New York Presbyterian Hospital

New York State Psychiatric Institute
722 West 168th Street
New York, N.Y. 10032-3795

e-mail: sl528 at columbia.edu Phone:
212-305-0303 Fax: 212-305-0318


Zaid Farukhi
  VP Marketing/Technology
  Rexon TLD Systems, Inc. 
  24500 Highpoint Rd
  Beachwood, OH 44122
  Web: www.rexon.com
  Email: sales at rexon.com, zfrexon at yahoo.com,
  Factory: 216-292-7373
  Fax: 216-292-7714
  24hr/7day: 440-585-7086

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