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Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Wed Feb 6 21:42:14 CST 2008

Feb. 6

         What a bunch of hooey.  Comments interspersed.

Steven Dapra

At 06:06 PM 2/6/08 -0600, Mitchell Davis wrote:
>Franz...on this one I can not be silent...
>You must have lost your mind.  First, FOX News provides the only fair and
>balanced (yes...their slogan but yet true) evaluation of American news and
>politics than any other news outlet in America.  If you want the
>truth...watch it.  Considering I am not under educated and rarely influenced
>I take immediate offence to your comment since it is on my TV all day.  CNN
>close to the Bush administration?  That's almost the stupidest thing I have
>EVER heard you say (notice I said "almost").  They are so anti-Bush that
>even their owner admits it.

         I can't comment on Fox News or CNN, because I don't watch them.

>The United States of America needs no ones permission or "blessing" to
>protect it's interests or citizens.  We are the most powerful and benevolent
>nation in the world and have rescued more ass than Miami Vice.  For you and
>your ilk to suggest that we receive the blessing of a peon nation such as
>yours to protect ourselves or the things our gov't deems important is pure
>insanity and actually quite insulting.  If it were not for the US, the
>French would be speaking German and you would be wearing knee high black
>boots, a nice gray suit with a fancy insignia on the upper sleeve shouting
>with your arm in the air to a lunatic wearing the same outfit.  Actually
>Franz, if I had it my way, the next country that criticized the US for
>anything, I would immediately cut off ALL funding of any nature for a period
>of one year.  No money...no food...no oil...no cars...no internet...no
>condoms.  NOT A DAMN THING for a period of one year.  If they did it
>again...five years.  Third strike and you're out...no aid of any kind
>...EVER.  Think you would like that Franz?

         Invading Iraq did not protect US interests, nor did it protect US 
citizens.  It has killed over 3000 US citizens though.  We may be the most 
powerful nation, however might does not make right.  Your claim that the 
French would be speaking German is rubbish and shows your resounding 
ignorance about World War II.  After Stalingrad Hitler was beaten, and both 
the Germans and the French might have ended up speaking Russian.  That 
probably would have done nothing to upset the disciples of FDR; nor would 
it have upset any of the sappy knee-jerk liberals who so plagued this 
country in the 1960s and 1970s.

         I agree with you about cutting off foreign aid, but why not be 
consistent and cut off *all* foreign aid?  You can start with cutting off 
Egypt and Israel.  I doubt that Austria receives much US foreign aid, and 
if it doesn't Austrians probably wouldn't care if their (possibly) 
non-existent foreign aid came to an end.

>You really should review your history Franz.  Because if it were not for the
>United States of America (which I served proudly for 8 yrs), you and your
>disgusting ilk would not exist.  Hey...that might not be such a bad thing.

         Review your own history.  I think Franz is an asset to RADSAFE, 
even when I don't like what he says.  Finally, you are not the only one who 
has been in the service, so quit waving it around like it makes you special 
or important.

Steven Dapra

>Mitchell Davis, RN, RRPT
>Midland, Texas

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