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The list administrator has declared this thread closed.

However, I cannot help but observe that if Franz would keep his 
anti-American tripe to himself, these threads would not get started in the 
first place.  The irrational hatred of Bushy is truly a bizarre logical 
aberration.  The notion that CNN likes the Bush administration is just too 


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A heated debate is unavoidable, and often interesting, but the puerile
personal attacks are unprofessional and have no place on a technical
message board.

BTW - Military service does not make you a political expert, nor does
lack of service make you a liberal.

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"When the rich make war, it's the poor that die."
-Jean-Paul Sartre


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Let me start by saying I am damn proud to have served my country and I
will damn well wave it around as I see fit.  You bleeding heart liberals
that hold the armed forces in contempt, sir (and I use that term
lightly), are quite despicable.  For any American to take the name of
the armed forces of this great country in vain in just plain heresy.
Were it not for them, you would not have the right to spew your vile

I will not lower myself to trading barbs with you over Iraq.  Every one
of your hero Dem Senators agreed with the same intelligence seen by the
President.  My remarks were the assertion we, the United States of
America, obtain permission from the most corrupt body on the face of the
earth (UN) before taking actions to protect our interests is ludicrous.
For the idiot poet (Franz) or you for that matter to suggest that the US
has taken or caused more deaths in 5 years than Saddam did in 25 yrs is

As far as foreign aid...I make no distinctions as to the country of
origin of previously mentioned remarks.  You criticize...you get cut
off!!  So don't let your disdain for Egypt and Israel enter the debate.

As far as Franz being an asset to RadSafe, I'll let the RadSafe masses
decide that.  Perhaps if he is so special to you the two of you should
move in together.  Being a Registered Nurse, I do however, suggest you
both practice safe sex.

Mitchell Davis, RN, RRPT
Midland, Texas

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