[ RadSafe ] done with this list

David & Susan McElrath sdjjjnmc at comcast.net
Thu Feb 7 11:32:39 CST 2008

I should have unsubscribed from RADSAFE a long time ago but today I am
finally doing it. What a waste of time wading through these political
messages to find the occasional nugget of useful information. I've
subscribed for many years but this list has degenerated like none other. You
folks who can't follow the list rules, shame on you. What arrogance! Just
how hard is it to reply privately to participate in these off-topic
conversations and spare the rest of us this childish bantering back and
forth? Really! If anyone knows of a better list for those interested in
radiation safety please email me the detail privately.
-Susan McElrath
sdjjjnmc at comcast.net

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