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Feb. 8

         Doug is correct.  There are some listmembers --- and much more to 
the point --- a *lot* of Americans who are too touchy about criticism of 
the United States.  To reiterate what Doug said, this is one of the reasons 
the US's reputation has suffered in recent years.  Ken Peterson is also 
correct (see below) in what he said about the significance (or lack 
thereof) of being in the armed services.

         I say this as someone who was born and raised in the USA and has 
lived here for over 50 years; and as someone who was in the service.  I did 
not get drafted either.  I enlisted.

Steven Dapra

At 09:35 AM 2/8/08 -0600, Doug Aitken wrote:
>Sorry, guys, but often it seems that an excessive (dare I say jingoistic?)
>zealotry from certain US listmembers in defending their country (and an
>apparent unwillingness to accept a negative statement about this country's
>actions or attitudes) is often the catalyst....
>Unwillingness to accept a European (or non-US) point of view is no reason to
>denigrate the person holding that opinion....
>And is one of the reasons that the US reputation has suffered in recent
>But, as Marcel has stated, let's get back to the proper content of the list
>and limit the "reflex action" postings.
>Regards to all!
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>A heated debate is unavoidable, and often interesting, but the puerile
>personal attacks are unprofessional and have no place on a technical
>message board.
>BTW - Military service does not make you a political expert, nor does
>lack of service make you a liberal.
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