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Well said.

The problem here is that Franz seems to believe he has some G-d given right 
to bash the US, but any counter view (or defense thereof) should be 
disallowed.  Either all political discussion should be disallowed, or 
anything is fair game.  It is a peculiar aberration of the liberal thought 
process that censorship is not seen as censorship if the disallowed views 
are not favored by liberals.  It is the consensus of scientists that George 
Bush sucks if that sounds familiar...

One of the best lists I am on is an unmoderated machining forum where just 
about anything goes.  I often learn a great deal from OT threads, and it is 
always possible to filter "OT" so long as everyone agrees to use said 
designator in the subject line.  In any event, I have never understood the 
fervor of the "net nannies" on these reflector mailing lists.

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> No Steven, Doug is not correct and neither are you.  If political attacks 
> are to be allowed on
> the list, then defences of those attacks must also be allowed.  Mature 
> people may turn the
> other cheek once, even twice, but we are way past that.  At some point 
> even mature folks get
> tired of being slapped, so if someone is touchy there is a good reason for 
> it.
> If you agree with Franz so much, why don't you and he go start another 
> listgroup?
> BushStinks, or EvilUSA, or maybe just WeSurrender!  There are so many here 
> on Radsafe
> that want to hear your Thoughts Political, but by staying here you deprive 
> the world at large of
> your deep insight.  So help them, give them a forum, a Voice.  Heck, 
> you're such a cogent
> commentator, you should take it on the road like Gore did.  You're too 
> talented to waste your
> time with a bunch of nuclear physicists.
> -Gary Isenhower
> On 8 Feb 2008 at 20:03, Steven Dapra wrote:
>> Feb. 8
>>          Doug is correct.  There are some listmembers --- and much
>>          more to
>> the point --- a *lot* of Americans who are too touchy about criticism
>> of the United States.  To reiterate what Doug said, this is one of the
>> reasons the US's reputation has suffered in recent years.  Ken
>> Peterson is also correct (see below) in what he said about the
>> significance (or lack thereof) of being in the armed services.
>>          I say this as someone who was born and raised in the USA and
>>          has
>> lived here for over 50 years; and as someone who was in the service.
>> I did not get drafted either.  I enlisted.
>> Steven Dapra
> Regards,
> Gary Isenhower, M.S.
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