[ RadSafe ] Irrespective of political reasoning - the affect is on people

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Sun Feb 10 15:23:54 CST 2008

Feb. 10

         I would modify this to make the politicians into the 
villains.  The generals are doing what the politicians told them to 
do.  That's the way of a general.  The politicians are the villains.

Steven Dapra

At 11:58 AM 2/10/08 -0800, John Jacobus wrote:
>I remember reading a article where the author made the point . . . ,
>   When generals win battles, people die. When generals loose battles, 
> people die.

>Sandy Perle <sandyfl at cox.net> wrote:
>   Apparently the political debate continues. For those who want to continue
>the debate on who is right and who is wrong, who has vision and who is
>blind, I think the following video says it all and puts into perspective the
>effect of decision world leaders make. I am of the Vietnam error, and the
>video means as much today, as then and even before that. In the end, no
>matter what side of the issue are on, many fight for what they believe in,
>some don't. Many come home, some don't. Many come home unscathed, some
>don't, changed forever. This is true for any conflict.
>So, those of you who wish to fight the fight here on Radsafe, please take a
>moment and watch this video. No mater what side of the debate that you are
>on, if you shed a tear or two, know that you won't be the first.
>Sandy Perle

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