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Feb. 10

         Perhaps you could write a large check to the Department of
Defense to provide some additional help for the war effort.

Steven Dapra

At 01:49 PM 2/10/08 -0600, Mitchell Davis wrote:

>I can assure you John were it not for the fact I am age restricted I 
>would have done so years ago.
>From: John Jacobus [mailto:crispy_bird at yahoo.com]
>Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2008 12:18 PM
>To: Mitchell Davis; 'Steven Dapra'; 'RADSAFE'
>Subject: RE: [ RadSafe ] Wag the dog
>As a retired Navy officer and sometimes "liberal," I find your comments

>typical of one who does not appreciate our freedom to speak and 
>disagree with the administration.  I was opposed to the invasion of 
>Iraq from the beginning. However, the incompetance of our intelligence 
>services and the mind-set to show the world we can do whatever we want 
>has resulted in an unstable Middle East, great propaganda for radical 
>terrorist, American dead and wounded, the depletion of military 
>resources that will take years to replace, a ballooning national debt, 
>and a profound distrust of our government by our own public. (I guess I

>am also a traitor, but certainly do not love my country any less than 
>I suggest that if you feel so strongly about our "mission" in Iraq, 
>that you volunteer to go and support our troops in-country.
>Mitchell Davis <mitchrn at suddenlink.net> wrote:
>Let me start by saying I am damn proud to have served my country and I 
>will damn well wave it around as I see fit. You bleeding heart liberals

>that hold the armed forces in contempt, sir (and I use that term 
>lightly), are quite despicable. For any American to take the name of 
>the armed forces of this great country in vain in just plain heresy. 
>Were it not for them, you would not have the right to spew your vile


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