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Mon Feb 11 18:35:06 CST 2008


I have very little experience with either EU or IAEA inspection groups. My
experience is mostly from the national accreditation authority. My
impression is, as soon as you have followed all the rules, including your
internal ones, have correct documentions of your procedures, of the
calibration of your systems etc, no problems should arise on any inspection
from which body ever. Talking about my EU and Austrian accreditation
inspection about 10 years ago I had a very relaxed and friendly discussion
with a German scientist, who told me that he has read all my scientific
papers on liquid scintillation spectrometry and that he is happy to meet me
finally personally. Other members of the committee asked my collaborators
about the methods used in the laboratory, the calibrations, the checks of
refrigerator temperatures, ashing ovens, pipettes etc. etc. You have to be
prepared that members of this inspection group will try to find any little
deviation of your procedures, just in order to be able to report at least a
minor negative observation. In my case with the accreditations it was, that
when more than ten people of the group and from the institute were in my
laboratory it was critizised that the door to the laboratory was not locked.
This is no joke!!!!! You ask what happened after the inspection? A few weeks
later the director of my institute told me, that I was unable to lead my
department, which was doing with five employees (including me) about 25 % of
all the samples of the Federal Institute of Food Control and Research
comprising 145 employees, because the inspection group had determined that
there was "severe lack" of compliance, especially that the door was not
locked. The laboratory was taken from me, given to an idiot with the right
membership card in the right party, who ruined it within about half a year. 

As far as I know Sweden, such stories are very unlikely. This means that you
should be very relaxed and from the previous reports I received from SSI all
the data reported seem to be plausible - so where should you expect any
problems? Any inspection awakens concern about every little detail. It
depends on the inspectors, but unless you have committed severe violations
of the rules I do not expect any problems for you.

My neighbour has a beautiful dog, black all over from tip to toe. He is
barking whenever I leave my flat and when I return to it. My neighbour has
apoligized for that, but I told her, that I regard the barking as "Good bye"
and "Welcome back". Whenever my neighbour meets me on the corridor with her
dog, the dog is wagging its tail - do you really want to advise me to shoot
it immediately? I never had a dog, but I read, that waggins the tail is the
dogs expression of positive affection. Furthermore I have contrary to the US
situation (attention! Anti-US-attitude) no gun for its shooting. If I would
be legally allowed to carry a gun and I would shoot a dog, my license and
the gun would be confiscated. (Again an anti-US attitude.) 

I wonder, whether you really wanted a dog wagging its tail to be shot, or
didn't you rather propose to shoot a tail wagging the dog? 

Hur manga hundar har du skjutit redan? (Violation of the RADSAFE rule,
regarding that the language used on RADSAFE is English.)

Med vaenlig haelsning fran Oesterrike (kind regards from Austria),


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
Habicherg. 31/7
A-1160 Wien/Vienna

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Betreff: [ RadSafe ] OSART inspection experiences

Today Forsmark NPP had the great pleasure of recieving the inspection group
from IAEA/OSART. It will be here for three weeks and do its inspection on
more or less everything, mainly on unit 1. One of the areas for inspection
is Radiation Protection. Do we have any previous "victims" of these
inspections on the list? What were your experiences, what were the OSART
observations and what happened after the inspection? Was the new order kept
after, or was there a more relaxed attitude?

In the last few months there has been an awakening about every little detail
in the organisation here. It has been hard work but quite vitalizing!

Take care, and if you see a dog wagging its tail, please shoot it.

Mattias Olsson

PhD Mattias Olsson, FTKS
Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB
SE-742 03 Östhammar

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m. +46(0)705-801952
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