[ RadSafe ] History of Assembly Bill 75 - Wisconsin

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It is a shame that the bill does not call for something useful, such as
the collection of samples (blood, tissue, urine, and hair) of troops
before they deploy, to be compared with samples collected after their
return.  DU is only one of a number of chemicals that could be tracked
and correlated to health effects, and thus allow some real progress in
understanding what the underlying causes are.  I suspect the anti-DU
community would be very much against a systematic approach like this. 

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This has already been signed into law and is now Act 46 - it creates a
study committee, just like in Illinois.  Radiation health professionals
should see if they can either become members of or provide input to this
Does anyone in Illinois know anything about the committee there that I
fear could become a platform for Doug Rokke or Mohammed Daud Miraki,
two-self professed DU experts who are vehement members of the anti-DU
crusade and who have treated the truth with extreme prejudice!

Roger Helbig

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