AW: [ RadSafe ] I-131 Patients and Taxi Driver

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Have you really thought over, what you wrote? You compare negligible doses
from I-131 to a very limited area and a few people with the catastrophic
event of killing several up to dozens of persons? How do you expect the 200
mCi adminstered to a person to be spread evenly - what a disgusting thought!

Suicide bombings are a problem because of the deaths and the injuries they
cause, but not that maybe one among a million bus passengers might have a
body burden of I-131. I personally would prefer rather standing close to
such a person, than loosing a hand of a foot or my eyesight or be killed. 

This is out of any proportion regarding risk. 


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Are you sure that the prohibition on public transport exists not to
prevent a dose to fellow passengers, but to avoid the additional
complications should a suicide bomber blow up the bus or bus station and
the patient? Would 200mCi be significant in the grander scheme?  There
have been a few bus bombings recently in Tel Aviv, I believe....

Ken Peterson


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Suppose the driver exposure will be 20 - 40 mr ( 100-200 mci patient ,
1hr at 1 meter). 
Do we have to inform him about his radioactive patient ?

Moshe Levita
Chief Physicist
Tel Aviv Medical Center


I would first ask what would be the taxi driver's exposure be?
Decisions should be based on exposures, not on whether or not the
patient is radioactive.

Sandy Perle <sandyfl at> wrote:  It would be ethical to notify
anyone of an impending exposure. The patient would more likely not
receive a ride home. This is another example for the need of public

-- John
John Jacobus, MS
Certified Health Physicist
e-mail:  crispy_bird at

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