[ RadSafe ] I-131 Patients and Taxi Driver

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This reminds me of a (possibly apocryphal) story that went around the
Navy shipyard I was at.

Seems this officer came out of the reactor on a boat and began to
self-survey. The frisker alarmed in the area of his groin. Per standard
procedure, he gradually lost layers of clothing down to his skin - still
setting off the alarm.  That's when it came out that his wife had had an
isotope administered for some purpose.

Dave Neil 

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Not to mention the potential internal dose the patient might give to
those who practice the "world's oldest profession" in the resort town.
And has the ICRP done any modeling for that mode of intake?  Oh, the
health physics challenges!


Recent newspaper articles suggest that a few patients who are undergoing
these treatments are not even going home, but instead are taking the
'event' as an opportunity to check into a resort and seclude themselves
for a few days in a more 'pampered setting'.  I wonder what the
potential dose to a member of housekeeping or the resort's masseuse
might come out to be?

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