[ RadSafe ] Report Calls for Updates to Radiation Sensor Tests

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Thu Feb 28 20:10:25 CST 2008

Feb. 28

         The millineum of the welfare state will have arrived.  FDR would 
be pleased . . . .

Steven Dapra

At 08:22 PM 2/28/08 -0500, BLHamrick at aol.com wrote:
>That would be correct, Clayton.  Everything from bananas to granite  counter
>tops alarm these monitors.  And, wait, there's more...if DHS ever  gets
>monitors on every street corner, that alarm rate will easily exceed 
>a  million -
>just in LA.  There'll be jobs for everyone!!!
>In a message dated 2/28/2008 1:58:27 PM Pacific Standard Time,
>cjb01 at health.state.ny.us writes:
>400-500  alarms per day at one port (although the largest & busiest).  That's
>about 150,000 false alarms per year.

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