[ RadSafe ] NYC Proposal to Permit Radiation Detectors

Don Jordan DonJordan at ramservicesinc.com
Fri Jan 4 17:57:33 CST 2008

Mr. Brennan hits a number of nails squarely on the head. unlike the NYCC.

This reminds me of a similar silly thing a un-named state tried to do to
us - and others - a number of years back.

The radiation protection branch was part of the state's environmental
protection agency, which came up with the bright idea that if a laboratory
provided data to the agency, then it had to be certified by the agency,
which would require substantial fees and might include a site visit and
inspection - billed to us of course.  We were a 1000 miles away, but
provided sealed source leak testing for some clients in that state in
accordance with our NRC license.

I called a person I knew in the radiation branch & asked what they were
doing.  He said he didn't have a clue because they were not even recognizing
their own licenses.  I then spoke with the number 2 person in the
environmental branch and asked if they were going to grant reciprocal
recognition of our NRC license.   He said to send in a copy of our license
"thingy" and they would consider it.  My next call was to NRC headquarters:
"Do you know what the state of X is doing?"  Two days later the state issued
an Emergency Proclamation rescinding that regulation, probably more because
the complaints of a lot of other people than because of me - still, it felt

Somebody should whisper in the councilor's ears about how silly they are
going to look.

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