[ RadSafe ] Detecting DU at a distance via beta particle emission.

Baumbaugh, Joel SPAWAR joel.baumbaugh at navy.mil
Mon Jan 7 12:53:09 CST 2008

Of course if I was really trying to "find" DU "at a distance" I'd be
using a gamma/x-ray scintillation probe - similar to a 44-3 Probe on a
Ludlum Survey meter (which would also detect the bremsstrahlung from the
2.3 MeV Betas)..

Just my own experience/2-cents...

...Joel Baumbaugh

"The only progeny present that can be detected at a distance would be
Pa-234m, a beta emitter. 
With a maximum energy of  2.28 MeV, the betas would travel approximately
20-25 feet in air, using the rule of thumb of 10-12 feet per MeV.
A sensor would have to be appreciably closer than the maximum distance
to detect the beta particles."

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