[ RadSafe ] NYC & Detector permits . . .

Pete_Bailey at fpl.com Pete_Bailey at fpl.com
Tue Jan 8 07:18:12 CST 2008

So, EPA, which may still have 'fallout' detectors, would need to apply for
a permit ?

What about State ( is NY an agreement state?) or NRC licensees ?
Radiopharm. lab , nuke med wing at hospital, etc

(I don't know if IP or any other nuke plant has a 'detector' in the NYC

I'm sure, if rule is passes, "commissioner" will be bogged writing 'permit

This reminds me of a No Radiation Law written in Crazyfornia county 15ish
years ago
banning all "...sources of (RAM) and devices producing radiation, and
transport of (RAM & RW) through..."

rule  passed....hospitals, doctors, dentists shut down there x-ray
machines...rule rescinded...

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