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Bernard L. Cohen blc+ at pitt.edu
Thu Jan 10 11:59:24 CST 2008

Can someone help me on this question -- please reply to  blc at pitt.edu.
    If rhe risk of cancer, R, is expressed as
                            R = R(0) [ 1 + k D ]
where R(0) is the risk with no exposure, D is the dose in Sv, and k is a 
constant, what is the excess relative risk, ERR. I thought it would be 
ERR = k. In that case, a finding that ERR = 1.0 / Sv would mean that the 
risk is 2R(0) for an exposure of 1.0 Sv,         3 R(0) for an exposure 
of  2.0 Sv,  4R(0) for a dose of  3.0 Sv, etc. But this is hard to 
believe in a paper I am trying to understand. Any help on this would be 

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