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Good evening, all;

(See attached article)

Does anyone know the make and model of the detectors that were issued?

Jim Barnes

> http://www.nti.org/d_newswire/issues/2007_9_20.html#F83DA78A
> New York Issues Police Radiation Sensors
> Police officers in upstate New York are receiving hand-held radiation
> sensors to help them detect possible radiological "dirty bombs," the
> Associated Press reported Tuesday (see GSN, Sept. 11).
> "The detection and interdiction of illicit radiological material is a
> new component of policing in today's world," acting State Police
> Superintendent Preston Felton said during a demonstration of the
> sensors with David Sheppard, director of the state Homeland Security
> Office.
> The portable detectors are designed to distinguish between dangerous
> levels of radiation that might be emanating from a weapon, other
> radiation sources such as medical equipment and materials and isotope
> fluctuations that occur in nature.
> "Whatever it may be, we can determine in a fairly short period of time
> what it is," Felton said.
> The detectors, which cost about $1,500 each, were funded through
> grants distributed by New York's Homeland Security Office.  So far,
> New York City police officers have received more than 900 of the
> radiation sensors.  About 450 of the detectors are expected to be  
> distributed to upstate
> police agencies.  The sensors were first given to law enforcement
> officials in western New York, an area thought to be a possible
> terrorist target because of local industries and stadiums as well as
> the nearby U.S.-Canadian border.
> The sensors are expected to replace older, less accurate detection
> gear.  Law enforcement officials plan to deploy them during traffic
> patrols and at major events such as Buffalo Bills football games
> (Carolyn Thompson, Associated Press/Newsday, Sept. 18).

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