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My first thought when I saw that picture (following your mail, because I did
not check this before) was, that this resembles elephantiasis and how this
could be attributed to Chernobyl, but I did not answer because I am really
well used to similar horror pictures and their connection to Chernobyl. 

Is there anybody out in RADSAFE land who does not know, that anti-nuclear
activists would use anything from pictures from the Holocaust to birth
defects, pictures of nuclear bomb explosions, two headed calves, snakes, 6
legged frogs and whatever has been produced by nature like leukemia, breast
cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer etc. to attribute it to radioactivity?
In the case of lung cancer smoking and very high concentrations of Rn-222
would be really a correct link - but have you ever heard about any green
campaign against smoking and radon in indoor air? I have never heard in
Europe about any campaign! The antinuclear activists on the very low level
might believe the horros stories - because of their low IQ, but what about
those steering their campaigns? Do they fuel this anxiousness delibrately? I
am very well aware of the catastrophical consequences and I feel sorry for
every firefighter who sacrificed his life to extinguish the Chernobyl
graphite fire (especially the US RADSAFERs should remember how many
firefighters sacrificed their life in New York during 11 Sept 2001), all
grown-ups and children who contracted thyroid cancer in the closer and
farther vicinity, but I condemn and dispise everybody who uses their bad
fate for political purposes!!!!! 

Next question: What is the interest of mass media to distribute something
like this? We, who are specialists on this topic, know, that this is absurd,
but I am not sure whether those journalists distributing that nonsense know
about this.

I would appreciate any comment on these statements. 

Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
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I apologize for sending this below again but I guess that many Radsafers may
have missed
it because of the subject line. The picture is horrible but of the kind
anti-nuke people
may like so it may be good for some of you to know it is out there in
According to one response it is perhaps (probably?) about a tropical
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coal-fired plants> Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 10:23:35 +0000> > See also picture
8 in the slide show. What do you think? - I question that this radiation
damage - has anything like this been seen for instance after irradiation
during pregnancy? (the boy's age is not
given)> My personal comment only,> >
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