[ RadSafe ] Article about reactor N-waste storage

Peter Bossew peter.bossew at jrc.it
Mon Jan 21 04:55:05 CST 2008

For those interested,
here is a link on radioecology in Nord-Cotentin (the La Hague area):


I took part in the 2000 exercise, organized by Mères En Colère & IRSN, 
results published:


We could easily measure 129I in certain algae by gamma spectrometry, and 
it was also amazing to see 85Kr popping up in in-situ gamma spectra as 
soon a chunk of fuel was thrown in to solvent. (Measured a few km 
downwind from the stack.)
Radiologically, this is of no concern, as far as I know, just 
scientifically interesting. - However, the known radioactive trace 
extending far into the arctic ocean, joining with the one from 
Sellafield and carried by the gulf stream, may be of long-term concern, 
as it contains large quantities of bio-available stuff like 99Tc and 
129I et al. (I remember, from the Ecomags/Resume 2002 exercise in S 
Scotland, having measured up to ca. 100 kBq/m2 inventory 241Am in beach 
sediments (lab based gamma spec. of sediment cores), at a place where 
the gulf stream hits the Coast after having passed Sellafield about 50 
km away. Even if Am is very strongly bound in sediments, and has 
virtually no transfer into the biosphere, this is no fun, in my opinion.)

Peter Bossew

Steven Dapra wrote:
> Jan. 20, 2008
>         This link is to the first part of a two-part MSNBC article 
> about power reactor waste storage.  At the end of part one is a link 
> to part two.  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22755853/
>         A couple of quotes from the article:
> "Workers at this waste treatment and storage site on France's 
> Cherbourg peninsula, run by industry giant Areva, don't see a problem."
> "Greenpeace questions state-run Areva's safety figures, and accuses 
> the government of playing down accidents and soil and water 
> contamination. A group called Meres en Colere, or Angry Mothers, was 
> formed in the region after a 1997 study showed higher than usual local 
> rates of child leukemia, a malady linked to radiation exposure."
>         Here is a link to what the NCI has to say about the causes of 
> leukemia:  http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/wyntk/leukemia/page6
> Steven Dapra
> sjd at swcp.com
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