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Dear Franz, and all interested:

The Angry Mothers are a regional (N Cotentin) NGO aimed to achieve, and 
secure, as much transparency as possible concerning the La Hague plant. 
My impression in 2000 was, that they cooperate quite well with IRSN and 
Cogema; their name sounds more angry than what they actually are (again, 
my impression in 2000. I was part of the ARCS team, lead by F Steger. We 
stayed with the families of the Angry Mothers, which was great. French 
cuisine !!).

To leukaemia: so far (to my knowledge) these allegations have proved 
without substance, fortunately (the Sellafield case may be pending ??). 
Still I think, one should follow any, even weak, statistical hint; if it 
turns out wrong, the better.

Best regards,

((Franz, I came back from 7 weeks in S America (Colombia) only 
yesterday, still with a bit of jet lag. Only holidays, this time.... 
Europe, and Italy in particular, is quite depressing after that, not 
only because it's winter. This is the real banana republic. Yet on the 
other hand...))

Franz Schönhofer wrote:
> Dear Marshall,
> I had a quick glance at the two links which Peter mentioned and I can
> assure, that there are more than enough results on them, not only in the
> French links, but also in the English ones. I admit that I did not check
> them all, because I simply am not so much interested in the topic, moreover
> tired of all the silly and unfounded leukemia- etc. discussions around
> nuclear power plants, and finally my French is not so good, that I could
> read it as fast as English. (With other - more impolite - words, I do not
> want to waste my time.) I had the impression that those "Angry mothers"
> agreed with the findings of the research project - or have I made a mistake
> when reading the French "conclusions"?
> I'll post later a comment on Peters contribution. (Hi, Peter, how is life in
> Italy right now?)
> Best regards,
> Franz
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>> I took part in the 2000 exercise, organized by Mères En Colère &  
>> IRSN, results published:
>> radioecologie_nord_cotentin/
> This file seems to lack any results??  Are they available via
> internet?_______________________________________________
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