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I can point to chapter 4 (Unanium Chemical Toxicity) in "Review of Radiation 
Risks & Uranium Toxicity" by Allen Brodsky. RSA publications, 1996.

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> Bob,
> I have recently been stuck with some DU toxicology and epidemiology
> questions. Your statement that "Competent, unbiased scientists know of
> and can find no links" caught my eye, and I wonder if you can point to
> some such scientists and/or their publications.
> What I have so far is very much in line with army research --
> http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17508699 -- which sings a rather
> different tune.
> Dave Blaine
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> Roger,
> "Military personnel and civilians who have been exposed to DU have
> linked the toxin to illness, birth defects and death. "
> This is most certainly true. However, these people have no scientific
> basis for making these links. Competent, unbiased scientists know of
> and can find no links.
> Here is the scientific question: If the hypothesis is that DU has
> caused the myriad illnesses, birth defects, and deaths that the
> activists have alleged, what is the mechanism that is behind it? After
> more than 60 years of highly funded research, radioactivity and
> chemical toxicity at the levels to which these people were allegedly
> exposed cannot explain it .
> I offer two alternate explanations, which may be considered together
> or separately:
> 1. The alleged number of illnesses, birth defects and deaths is highly
> exaggerated, to put it tactfully, and/or
> 2. Something else is the cause (such as parasites, chemical exposure,
> genetic proclivity, insect bites, or disease).
> Accepting at face value the activists' allegations of the incidence of
> these maladies is not a good idea. Neither is accepting at face value
> the activists' allegations that DU is the one and only cause of these
> alleged maladies. Doing so is not scientific, is not responsible,
> gives comfort to our enemies, provides unwarranted stress to our
> soldiers and their families, sends truly ill soldiers and their
> families down false paths for explanations and compensation, harms the
> pride in service of our soldiers, provides fodder for irresponsible
> politicians, and wastes resources better spent on real issues.
> I have no gripe against anyone who is against the war in Iraq or who
> is against the use DU munitions. My gripe is with those who make false
> allegations about DU for their own hidden and not so hidden agendas.
> They are hurting our military and our Veterans and I don't like it.
> Bob Cherry, PhD, CHP
> Colonel, US Army (retired)
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