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So you propose a Sarin treatment to Franz in order to convert him to the 
current U.S. regime's view of the world ??
Thank you indeed for this politically sensitive, intellectually profound 
and overall valuable contribution.

Peter Bossew

howard long wrote:
> When alQaeda spreads in Vienna Saddam's sarin (now in Syria),
> Franz will have a different view.
> Howard long
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> Bob,
> I have appreciated most of your messages in the past, but I can only
> appreciate a part of what you write now - the rest I have to refuse. 
> Yes, I agree, that most, if not all of the illnesses, birth defects and
> deaths are not related to DU. There might be some reasonable truth in the
> causes you list as possible causes. 
> But I totally disagree with your opinion which you add later on: "harms the
> pride in service of our soldiers, provides fodder for irresponsible
> politicians"..... " They are hurting our military and our Veterans and I
> don't like it." 
> I am Austrian, our soldiers are not in Iraq ("our soldiers"). No pride of
> "our" soldiers is harmed because they are not there - as is true for
> approximately 90 % or more of the nations where RADSAFE participants come
> from. The number of soldiers from other countries than the USA is declining
> rapidly. I do not comment on "irresponsible politicians", make your own
> guess. Nobody is hurting the Austrian (my) military and since we did not
> take part in this military engagement, which was not endorsed by the UN and
> is a kind of a private (illegal) war of the USA and some other countries,
> which are backing the US decisions since long because of financial and
> political benefits, your comment is more than unappropriate. While the first
> part is perfectly suited for RADSAFE the second, political part is in my
> opinion totally off topic. Please accept that RADSAFE is an international
> discussion forum and not a US military one.
> Still looking forward to your contributions, taking into account the above
> said and especially the internationality of RADSAFE.
> Franz
> Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
> MinRat i.R.
> Habicherg. 31/7
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