[ RadSafe ] Phillip Allen's comment

John Ahlquist john.ahlquist at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 25 14:24:03 CST 2008

This is in response to a comment in one of Sandy
Perle's postings.

I wonder if Mr. Allen is aware that the stable
elements of lead, mercury, cadmium, antimony, etc.
have infinite half-lives.   A number of people
consider them to be toxic, too, and they have been
distributed all over the planet by mankind.  They are
not being stored in containers {that last considerably
longer than 50 years}.  The comment was:

"Plutonium, the most toxic, longlife substance on
earth, needs to be 
stored in cooled containers and guarded by armed
security for 250,000 
years. The containers corrode, so they need to be
changed every 50 
years, 5,000 times into the future.

If we dare to spend billions of pounds on an
irreversible nuclear 
future, our children's descendants will curse us

We should all shout NO together.

Philip Allen, Belfast "

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