[ RadSafe ] Myth Busters and Irradiated Cockroaches - Jan 30

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  http://www.survivalring.org/cd-femabooks.htm It is the last book listed.

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  HI all,

Of interest to some, the 50th Anniversary of the HPSociety saw the 
publication of "A Half Century of Health Physics [Ryan & Poston, Sr., 
editors). This publication on page 229 mentions that there was a 1988 HPS 
Special Publication: "Will Insects Inherit the Earth". See:


I recall seeing this 1988 HPS Special Publication, but don't have it at 
hand. Perhaps someone has the complete citation to the 1988 HPS Special 
Publication which should be directly relevant to this thread about roaches 
and radiation resistance. The old quote from Ecclesiastes "There is nothing 
new under the sun" seems relevant to testing roaches again in this new 
"study" planned of a few dozen roaches.

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