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Is not, "negative excess risk", or less risk of a heart attack, cancer, death, etc,
the reason you exercise, diet, take low dose ASA, and I also sit on thoriated welding rods, John?

We don't wait for "proof" before doing an appendectomy, either, 
believing that the injury from waiting is greater than the injury from occasionally operating unnecessarily.

Howard Long 

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Of course, there is no proof of negative excess risk.  

howard long <hflong at pacbell.net> wrote:
What would make clear in that formula that kD is 
a NEGATIVE excess relative risk when radiation exposure is under ~20cGy (rad), rapid rate, 
i.e. hormesis? +-kD?

Howard Long

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January 11, 2008

If R=R(0)[1+kD] then the excess relative risk is kD.

Excess relative risk is {R-R(0)}/R(0) = {R(0)[1+kD]-R(0)}/R(0) =kD


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