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Vernig, Peter G. Peter.Vernig at va.gov
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Many moons ago, long before 9/11 I had to do an installation and fly
with an ion chamber.  I also had a few hand tools, nothing exciting, no
box cutter.  Pliers, crescent, wrench, screw drivers, that sort of
thing.  I took I it in carry on so I could explain not wanting it to get
stopped and not put on the plane if it worried them.  Security guy did
not even bat an eye at the ion chamber but was very concerned about the

Know what made him happy?  A business card.

Now at that time I worked for Kevex Corporation, not exactly a household
name and of course anybody can order business cards.

Peter G Vernig

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Ok -- in Oz, I go thru airport security, the guard says "what's that 
showing up on the scanner?" and I say "I'm a uranium mine radiation 
safety officer, it's a geiger counter", and the guard says "No Probs, 
mate, have a good one" ...

If I try that in NYC, the response is "Off to Jail with You, yer 
obviously a Terrorist!"

Something Very Paranoid going on in the US of A....

Mark Sonter

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