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Roger and RADSAFErs,

Reading your mail again a special word came automatically to my mind:
"Paranoia". But this time I mean it seriously in its medical and clinical
sense. The person C.G. has obviously lost all contact to facts, to history
or simply - to reality. She spits fire like one of the dragons from myths
against everything she is opposed to. To involve politics of long gone times
and using anti-racism for such a task is only explainable by mental illness.

As for the second part of a person concerning his objection against using
the Big Island as a target for bombing and shooting: I have been several
times on the Big Island and I fully support his opinion!!!!! This is one of
the most beautiful places I ever have visited and it is not the right one
for this kind of military training. There are vast areas in the USA, which
are used as proving grounds - I recently was at the Trinity Site and the
surrounding area is used since long as a proving ground.

Best regards,


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
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Indigenous Peoples Suffer Nuclear Slow Burn

Cathy Garger, a voracious Maryland activist writer is carpetbombing the net
with vicious anti-nuclear propaganda -- then she tries to get votes for
OpEdNews which permits her to do this as the best political blog -- this is
not political - it's a hate campaign from a lunatic, but people don't seem
to know the difference.  I welcome your comment to OpEdNews, to Digg - to
any of these various lists that Garger routine posts to.  She has been
allowed to spew out her personal views and couch them as being accurate,
scientifc and truthful when they are in fact none of these.

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Date: Jan 30, 2008 7:18 PM
Subject: Fwd: [AmericanDUST] San Francisco, Hawaii, and Indigenous Peoples
Suffer Nuclear Slow Burn

*Cathy Garger <savorsuccesslady3 at>* wrote:

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From: Cathy Garger <savorsuccesslady3 at>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 08:43:56 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [AmericanDUST] San Francisco, Hawaii, and Indigenous Peoples Suffer
Nuclear Slow Burn

  *US Human Dark Meat Barbecues Blaze - As Hitler and Prescott Look Up In
*Diary Entry by Cathy Garger<>

*The slow-nuking of Americans born with anything other than lily-white skin
is testimony to a grand new fascist state that by far and away surpasses the
genocidal spectacular grandeur of even Nazi Germany*

*I used to be proud to be an American. But that was back a few years ago,
back before I learned that the guy in the damp cave didn't fell those
towers, back before I knew what was actually going on.  I was proud to be an
American back then, back before I realized that, through no fault of their
own, persons who merely happened to have the rotten luck of being born with
skin not-so-lily white like mine were prime targets for radiation poisoning
– the eternal slow burn from the inside out.*
*No, I'm not talking about the genocidal slaughter of Uranium munitions on
the Muslim world, on people with darker skins in combat locations like **
Iraq** and **Afghanistan**, or by the Israeli military inside their own
country and in **Lebanon**.*
*Death by slow burn – the use of radioactive poisons in the open air inside
the **US** - affects all Americans, but is particularly earmarked, targeted,
and cherished for use in locations where primarily non-whites live.*
 *Imagine, if you will, exploding radioactive materials like Depleted
Uranium and other lethal, chemically toxic, and heavy metals in the open air
near the Mescalero Apaches of New Mexico, the Shoshone peoples in Nevada,
and the indigenous Alaskans who have the misfortune of residing near the
military's northernmost  chemical, biological, and nuclear experimental test
site called Fort Greely.*
*Then just imagine creating a chemically toxic, radiological poison soup in
the old nuclear Naval shipyard in the Hunter's Point section of San
Francisco, and then refusing to clean up your radioactive mess, fully
allowing lower income blacks to succumb to untold tremendous suffering and
rampant disease.**(see )*
*On top of all that, as if that's not enough? Now just try to conceive of
ruining Hawaiian paradise forevermore by using radioactive weaponry in
military "test fire" there - and then dropping 2,000 lb. bombs from high
above mountaintops onto radioactively contaminated soils below,
re-suspending the Uranium oxide and dust back into the air, water, and land
where the native Hawaiians have lived peacefully on their sacred "Aina"
(land) for centuries (see below).*
*Whether nuking native peoples with Depleted Uranium explosive blasts and
A-10 jet warfare maneuvers in US deserts, keeping black ghettos of San
Francisco nice and "hot, hot, hot," or dropping bombs from B-2 stealth
bombers, deeply burrowing into – and grossly disturbing – radioactively
contaminated soils in Hawaii? One thing can certainly be said for the
sociopaths out of control in this sorry ass nation.  If your skin is not so
lily-white? Chances are excellent you're going to feel the heat a hell of a
lot more than your tan, beige, and pink fellow Americans.*
*And by heat, I'm not just talking about the warm rays of the sun.*
*That's our Uncle Sam, an unabashedly non-equal opportunity Nuker from way
back in grandpa **Prescott**'s era. From the Trinity Blast in 1945 to the
present day, in the tradition of racial hatred that would make even Hitler
blush, the proud cooking of yellow, brown, and black-skinned Americans from
the inside-out continues in true, fascist Nazi Germany-style
 one non-white,
ethnically non-pure group at a time.*
*Ethnic cleansing in the form of invisible ceramic Uranium oxide aerosol
(poison gas) form is something that would, no doubt, have given Hitler quite
pleasurable copious nocturnal emissions. One just imagines that Prescott, an
ol' friend of fellow psychopath, Mein Fuhrer, from long ago, is looking up
from his subterraneous residence filled with fire, brimstone, and sulphur,
so utterly miserable and hot himself, yet nonetheless proud as hell of his
darling baby boy's kid.*
*The legacy's been passed down from Nazi **Germany** to the **US**, the
newest fascist state, whose political power holders [masquerading as
national leaders] wave the red, white, and blue in public. In private,
however, they no doubt give secret salutes to Hitler with rampant Arian race
mentality as they assist with full complicity in the genociding of **America
**'s non-white undesirables, one sub-micron sized nanoparticle of Uranium
oxide poison gas at a time.*
*May the goddesses of all indigenous and non-white peoples of
**America**show no mercy on the creatures minus souls who sadistically
continue to
radioactively poison these beautiful, non-white peoples and this once
pristine, ecologically life-supporting land. *
*Cathy Garger*
*  *Hawaiian activists update (Raining death on the Big Island)*Submitted by
papananook <> on **January 30, 2008** - **
3:30am**.** *
***Here is a link to an article by Cathy Garger, some of which I will quote,
along with my comments.*

[also at: ]

Although the Air Force has stated that the bombings involve dropping inert
or "dummy" bombs that do not explode, increasing numbers of Hawaiians have
begun a public crusade against the tropical island being used for target

* **
***One concern held by **Big** **Island** activists is that B-2 pilots are
not using the technology of the bombers' weapons guidance systems that
typically release bombs with precision and accuracy. Instead, pilots over **
Hawaii** rely on gravity and wind alone to navigate the bomb drops.*
***The danger of un-guided bombs landing other than where intended concerns
weapons expert, Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award winner, of The San
Francisco Bay View. In written correspondence Nichols stated, "It is just a
matter of time till the 376,000 lb heavy bombers hit a school playground or
someone's house with the equivalent of a small car at 160 mph and kill no
telling how many people."*
***In an interview with Malu Aina's President, Jim Albertini, the peace
group leader shared his concern that, beyond the threat of wayward bombs
missing targets, another serious hazard concerning the grounds upon which
the bombs are dropped exists.*
* Albertini begins, "The issue is more than computer guided systems. The
issue is that bombing and shelling at PTA has been going on for more than 50
years. For most people it appears to be a non-issue. It is out of sight and
out of mind."*
***My comments:  **Raining Death on the Big **Island*
*****How anyone can defend the bombing runs by the Imperial **US** Air Force
and/or the artillery barrages rained in by the Imperial **US** Navy from
10-20 miles offshore is beyond my comprehension. Or maybe not, since I
worked at Pohakuloa for a civilian painting subcontractor for the Army back
in the '70's. *
*I know this is anecdotal but it goes to show how the Military thinks. They
clearly don't care about the people or the Aina (sacred land).**While
painting windows on the newly built cold weather quonset huts, I was
surprised by the concussion of nearby artillery shells...well, it IS a
bombing range/training facility, right? Right. *
*As I worked (with difficulty), I began wondering why the military needed to
bomb our island paradise and did some research, asked questions here and
there. I didn't last long at that cushy $20/hr. Job because of what I found
out about Pohakuloa and Kaho'olawe, the other island in the group so
brutally misused by the **US** military. *
*The Day I quit, there was a Capt. Inspector in my face, yelling about the
paint on the screens of his precious huts and when I rold him It couldn't be
helped because of the artillery concussion disturbing my otherwise steady
stroke, he just said, "Get used to it, boy, well be doing a lot of it!" *
*Catch-22 deja-vu! Well, I wasn't a boy then, or now and wasn't the day I
walked off that mountain after telling him to put his brush where the sun
don't shine.**This "boy" doesn't work for military assholes, not even for
***But it didn't end there...The next Easter I was taking a Spiritual
journey to hike up Mauna Kea, east of Pohakuloa TA and as I enjoyed the
incredible beauty of tha mountain on a clear Easter morning, I was surprised
to hear what sounded like thunder...unfortunately, it wasn't anything so
benign. It was two Fighter-bombers laying out huge firestorms of what must
have been napalm on the mountainside, which I don't think was even inside
the boundaries of Pohakuloa TA. *
*Kinda ruins any hope for a spiritual communion with nature, neh? After
checking myself to make sure it wasn't Altitude-induced hallucinations (I
was over 12,000 ft.), I once again walked down off that mountain in sadness
and went to the Ocean to cleanse myself. *
*I felt filthy that I was an American, to tell the truth. Filthy again.**But
30 years later the bombs and artillery are still falling on paradise,
raining "practice" death on its citizens, and the sacred land...this is very
saddening to me, personally and an outrage to the people of Hawaii. *
*Why DU was used there or anywhere is an outrage. Why the military has
control of any part of the **Big** **Island** is an outrage. *
*Military madness is desroying our world and our country. The
**US**military budget is much larger that all the other military
budgets in the
world COMBINED! Enough, you think, Alan, to keep us fucking SAFE?*
***Thanks for the article, Cathy Garger, my sister, Peace be with you...and
with you, Alan Dubya Williams, peace be with you, also, even though you
insist on defending the madness,*
***And:**To say that the Arab world might regard this kind of reporting as
fuel for their anger is ludicrous at best...They have plenty of other
pressing matters in **Iraq** and **Afghanistan** to keep that hatred of us
burning, thanks to US Imperialism. How dare those Arabs hide our oil under
their sand? Yikes!*
***I deeply appreciate Ms. Gargers articles and the continued efforts of Jim
Albertini and all the people of Malu Aina. Keep up the GOOD work! Mahalo nui
*** ** *

Cathy Garger is a freelance writer, public speaker,  activist, and a
certified personal coach who specializes in Uranium weapons. Living in the
shadow of the national District of Crime, Cathy is constantly nauseated by
the stench emanating from the nation's capital during the Washington, DC,
federal work week.

Article featured at:

*Help the US become Radiation Free by 2033!*
* *

*Cathy Garger*
* *

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