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Wed Jul 16 11:06:30 CDT 2008

At the top right of at least some of the pages is a switch between 
U.S. and SI units, labelled "rem" and "sv". There is a formatting 
problem for the "sv" setting on at least the Myths page which I've 
drawn their attention to.

They note on the website that they are required by U.S. law to use 
the "obsolete" units rather than the SI units, just like the U.S. and 
Burma and perhaps one other are the only countries not to have 
officially adopted the SI system. Having spent most of my life in the 
U.S., but now living in Canada, I don't see the big deal about 
switching to metric, and I wished the U.S. had in the 1970s. I was 
gung-ho for the change, and even my employer at the time, a major 
U.S. television network, handed out metric conversion cardboard slide 
rules to help us all with the change, which then fizzled.

But here in Canada, you can generally find measurements in both 
systems, just like you can find text in both official languages.



At 03:45 AM 2008-07-16, Peter Bossew wrote:
>Nicely made, but not usable outside U.S. -- everything in rem and Ci...  :-(
>(who should trust information given in obsolete units)

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