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Although my experience was at a nuclear power plant, some of this may be helpful.  There are three major types of programs:
1.  Keep the waste from being generated.  You have to take a close look at your processes.  Sometimes, unnecessary materials are brought into the restricted area.  For example, packaging materials should be removed from materials before they enter the restricted area, if feasible.  Sometimes, disposable equipment can be replaced with reusable equipment.  In some cases unneeded radioactive materials are being ordered, just because it's "what we always do."  You will need the help of the users for this.
2.  Waste reduction technologies should be used, when feasible, such as compaction or incineration.  If you wish to incinerate LLRW, check with the incinerator operator to determine accepted and prohibited materials.  Try to have waste generators use disposable materials that are incinerable.
3.  You may have material which may be clean, but has to be handled as LLRW since it's been used in the restricted area.  Some waste processors will accept this material for monitoring and sorting.  The clean material can be sent to a nonradioctive landfill, which saves big $$$.
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I am Putting together a presentation on LLRW minimization.? I thought I wuld pick the collective brain on the topic.? I was hoping some of you might have some interesting methods of reduction you would share.

Gene Forrer
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