[ RadSafe ] o.4 Sv extra radiation over 10 years may protect from much teratogenesis

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1) I am happy that you have obtained a copy of the Miller and McClain paper, that you state contains superb information.

Does any of it support your position/ would you be willing to share this with us?

2) You state you were born on an army base. Would you care to elaborate, with the name of the base and in what position your family resided there? I believe you have stated that you were brought up in the Religious Society of Friends, who are by belief pacifists. I therefore assume that if a member of your family was in the army, it was in a non-combat position? 

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However, I recently found all 15 pages of Miller A.C. and McClain D.
(2007 Jan-Mar). "A review of depleted uranium biological effects: in vitro and in vivo studies". Rev Environ Health 22 (1): 75–89.  It was the second most difficult medical paper I've ever obtained. The information from page 84 to the end of the paper is suburb.
Alexandria Miller is the U.S. armed forces' top uranium toxicity specialist.  She is not allowed to speak to the press because of the damage that the people who have been telling us that uranium weapons are save has done to the veracity of the U.S. position on the topic.
I was born on an Army base and I feel a strong bond with the health of the force.  

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