[ RadSafe ] o.4 Sv extra radiation over 10 years may protect from much teratogenesis

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Fri Jul 4 07:58:54 CDT 2008

> > Teratogenesis has nothing to do with genetic diseases.> > That is false. Teratogens can cause heritable defects.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A teratogen may also, but not necessarily, be a _mutagen_ and therefore could give heritable _effects_ (not necessarily defects). Now, I doubt that I heard of a teratogen that gave heritable _effects_ (good or bad) so please give me the reference(s).
Teratogenesis is about somatic cells - not germ cells!
It is unlikely, for theoretical reasons, that a teratogen which also affects the germ cells by inducing mutations would have a chance to do anything bad that would show up in the next or future generations - simply because of the selection pressure against mutated germ cells that reach the fertilized (diploid) stage. A fundamental reason for this statement from my side also comes from follow-up studies of F1 and F2 generations of atomic bomb survivors - had F1 or F2 shown anything in terms of heritable defects I would not have posted these lines.
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