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This has been posted to a major anti-nuclear list; I expect
that the doctor is not exactly providing 100% factual
information despite using his MD to back it up -

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Over a decade ago, I remember a local New Times newspaper expose' of
whistleblowers at
Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant. They said that the schematic
blueprints of the wire they
used did not match, and more!

All machinery breaks down in time. Nuclear power plants too. Do you
want to bet your life
on a machine? There is no escape from invisible radiation. Words will
not make you less
dead! You need a Geiger counter to reveal radiation.



Nuclear mortality
Public Forum Letter
Salt Lake Tribune

Article Last Updated:07/05/2008 11:40:45 AM MDT

Numerous medical studies in the last 50 years clearly establish that
when large populations are exposed to any part of the nuclear fuel
cycle - from the mining and milling of uranium to the operation of
nuclear reactors and the ultimate storage of nuclear waste - there are
tragic health consequences: increased rates of spontaneous abortions,
premature births, low birth weight, overall infant mortality, impaired
intelligence and cancers of all types in both adults and children.
These studies repudiate the recent nuclear industry cheerleading by
Kent Johnson and Clinton Wolfe ("Fear of nuclear power" and "Dismayed
at fuss," Forum, June 28). Furthermore, many of the cancers and other
debilitating diseases caused by nuclear radiation show up decades
after exposure, or in future generations, making it likely that these
studies underestimate the causal relationship.
    A recent study of large numbers of people in many different
countries who lived near 136 nuclear reactors revealed higher
mortality rates in children and specifically higher rates of childhood
leukemia. Eighty percent of cancer is environmentally caused, and this
year 12,500 children in the United States will be diagnosed with
cancer. This information alone should end the debate about whether to
build more nuclear plants.
    Proponents of more nuclear plants should be asked which of their
family members they would sacrifice for "clean, safe nuclear power."

    Brian Moench
    President, Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment
    Salt Lake City

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