[ RadSafe ] Cameco

Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
Tue Jul 8 23:53:24 CDT 2008

My sincere thanks also for allowing access to your website and  multiple 
links. Not being an HP, I was especially pleased to see pictures of many 
tools of your work, the shipping canisters, and so on. I even enjoyed 
your ham radio muf charts and items that I had not used or seen for many 

Thanks very much for the pleasure,
Maury&Dog      (Maury Siskel  maurysis at peoplepc.com)

Geo>K0FF wrote:

> A couple of listmembers who are familiar with these shipments correct 
> my assumption that the spacing might have to do with neutrons, but 
> rather they are quite heavy and are spaced out, over the axels, to 
> distribute that weight. 


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