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See, e.g.:

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> Yellowcake can be yellow, green, orange or other colors
> http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/basic-ref/glossary/yellowcake.html
> It is a mixture of uranium oxides and other chemicals. My inquiries to the
> Uranium section of NRC disclosed that the firing (dehydration) temperature
> had more to do with the color than the uranium content. U3O8 is also called
> yellowcake and it is pretty much black to my eyes. It is supplied chemically
> pure. I have samples of  yellow, orange and black.
> This display at the Uranium Mining Museum at Grants New Mexico USA, was
> originally real yellowcake:
> http://www.qsl.net/k0ff/Grants%20NM%20Field%20Trip/Uranium%20Mining%20Museum/M
> VC-004S.JPG
> They were asked to substitute another chemical after 9/11 ( so they tell
> visitors). There is a LOT of radon in the museum, from the ore
> displays. Same at the National Mining Hall of Fame Museum at Leadville
> Colorado USA. ( search: Walker Field, Calibration Pads)
> More pictures from Grants NM:
> http://www.qsl.net/k0ff/Grants%20NM%20Field%20Trip/Uranium%20Mining%20Museum/
> The file inside that link marked DOE TEST PADS are some radioactive concrete
> slabs maintained by the US Government for periodic calibration of geological
> and other gamma spectroscopy equipment. There are other, larger  pads
> located in Grand Junction Colorado.
> On the subject of mining museums, the one in Colorado Springs had a uranium
> mining exhibit this last March (2008) as well as a very nice theatrical
> presentation of Madame Curie's life. After the play, I had the actress pose
> with one of my PM1703M pocket ratemeters:
> http://www.qsl.net/k0ff/Field%20Trip%20March%202008/
>  The link also shows pictures of various aircraft museums and some
> radioactive finds in them. Pictures of the wing weights are NOT DU, but I
> had them posed for a picture to illustrate the need for counterweights in
> aircraft control surfaces. In another picture, a helicopter jet engine is
> shown to contain high amounts of thorium alloy, one of the few jet engines I
> have discovered made so.
> My area of expertise is nucleonics, that is, detectors and instrumentation,
> but naturally I have an interest in other radiation related areas.
> George Dowell
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> I agree with Dan. This is not enriched uranium (i.e., enriched
> isotopically with U-235) but, rather, processed ore / uranium
> concentrate that preserves the natural abundance of U-235 (0.71% by wt).
> No critical mass would be possible with yellow cake (which is actually
> black or brown in colour).
> Grant
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