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I didn't get any responses last time, so I thought I might try again.

I have been asked to look at instruments from S.E.A GmbH for use in the
US in a  uranium facility.  Instruments include the Portable
Contamination Monitor CoMo-170, the hand-foot-clothing contamination
monitor with large-area, thin-layer plastic scintillation detectors, the
hand-foot-clothing monitor- standard version, the W I M P 60 x 10
PC-based smear test measuring  system with 10 x detector geometry, the W
I M P 60 x 8 PC-based smear test measuring  system with 8 x detector
geometry, the W I M P 60 x 6 PC-based smear test measuring  system with
6 x detector geometry and PD 32 and 42 internal pipe detectors.

I am not familiar with the S.E.A. products and was trying to see if
anyone had experience with them.  I would appreciate your opinions, good
and bad, so that we can make a decision on using the S.E.A. products or
products that are commercially available in the US.
Thanks for your help.

Paul Jones, CHP

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