[ RadSafe ] Yucca Mountain, etc.

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Fri Jul 11 09:58:42 CDT 2008

July 10

         A few comments interspersed from Steven Dapra (SD).

At 12:08 AM 7/11/08 -0700, James Salsman wrote:
>Mike Brennan errs:
> > The question I answered was "What is the current rate of U238 seepage 
> from the storage facilities?"  ... So, your question was "What is the amount
> > of U238 per day...."


         James, your initial question was "What is the current rate of U238 
seepage from the storage facilities?"  The leak has to occur over some 
period of time.  Why are you getting huffy about Mike answering at a per 
day rate?  If you don't like the rate of seepage per day, specify a period 
of time that is more to your liking.  Per second, per century, per 
gazillion years --- what do you want?  You also didn't ask for a "mean 
expected rate."  You asked for the "current rate."  Why don't you try 
reading your own requests?  You appear to expect us to read them . . . .

>I asked nothing about "per day" or any other denomination of time.
>Even if I had, the mean expected rate is not zero.


         Since you know so much about it, James, what is the "mean expected 
rate" if it is not zero and what makes you think you are correct?


>Steven Dapra has an interesting view:
> >  All weapons act off the battlefield.
>Dapra believes, "with God all things are possible" -- including anything 
>that Dapra wants to make up because international law is not
>convenient enough for the rhetorical bed that he has made for himself.


         Although it is true that with God all things are possible, that 
has nothing to do with the *fact* that weapons act off the battlefield.  I 
didn't make anything up. You probably made up this hokum about 
international banning weapons that act off the battlefield.  The plain 
unvarnished truth is not convenient for the rhetorical bed you have made 
for yourself.  If you have a citation to your alleged "international law" 
let's have it.

         Permit me to remind you, James, that you still have not posted 
your CV.  Do you have one or don't you?  I'm betting you don't -- at least 
not in any of the hard sciences.

Steven Dapra

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