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To persuade the public, as with sunshine (ultraviolet wave-length radiation) 
needed for vitamin D, we must inform about ionizing radiation BENEFIT (hormesis), 
to motivate - not only absence of harm.
Put anti-nucs on the defensive for withholding benefit from the public, harming the public 
by depriving of an "essential trace energy" (Cameron), like depriving of sunshine and vitamin D. .

Thousands of studies support  greater longevity (RR 0.76 in NSWS – Cameron) and 
much less cancer (RR < 0.20 Taiwan apt. study, Chen, Luan et al).
See www.ddponline.org, www.oism.org etc. 
Howard Long

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> This may be the best item ever posted to radsafe. The information 
> contains the three C's - complete, concise, and coherent. 
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> http://www.radiationanswers.org/#looper 
> Put this link on your browser's "favorites". It has some good, simple 
> information that is useful for all of us at a moment's notice. 

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