[ RadSafe ] Temporary technical problem with RadSafe mailinglist

Michael, Joey L joey-michael at uiowa.edu
Thu Jul 17 14:06:00 CDT 2008


Thanks for your hard work and effort in keeping radsafe going.  I am
wondering though, if radsafe should move to a web-discussion type of
technology?  I think the idea has been brought up in the past.  I'm not
technically savy enough to set it up, but I have subscribed to some
(sports related) discussion sites. I did a google search on discussion
group software and noticed there is some free code out there for this.  

Is there someone out there on radsafe that could do this?

The other discussion groups that I have subscribed to have had the
ability for multiple moderators.  

Could this be done as a student project? Or by a student HPS group?


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Subject: [ RadSafe ] Temporary technical problem with RadSafe

Dear RadSafers,

Since about 21.00 h (Amsterdam time) last Wednesday (July 16) there was
a technical problem with the RadSafe mailinglist software. The RadSafe
list page on the server was because of this not reachable and no
messages were processed or forwarded to subscribers. The problem has
been caused by an attack through the internet in which mallformed
messages were used to bombard the server causing the mailinglist
software to crash.

Around 17.00 (Amsterdam time) today the problem was fixed and RadSafe
works normal again.

However, all messages that were send to the list during the malfunction
are unfortunately lost and could not be recovered. The sending of digest
messages was also interrupted and the numbering of the digests will have
been reset.

Hope this message gave enough information to RadSafe subscribers about
the recent and hopefully temporary problems.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

With kind regards,

Marcel Schouwenburg
Head / Lecturer Training Centre Delft, Health Physicist, expert level 2
RadSafe Moderator & Listowner
National Centre for Radiation Protection (Dutch abbr. NCSV)
Manager Quality Assurance Reactor Institute Delft (RID)

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Faculty of Applied Sciences / Reactor Institute Delft
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NL - 2629 JB  DELFT
The Netherlands
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